Wreckers Border Morris: Should This Much Fun Be Legal?

Hello and welcome

We are Wreckers Border Morris and we're from the Tamar Valley in South East Cornwall. That's the water-filled bit between Cornwall and England.

We are a true border side, as we are on the border between England and Cornwall.  We dance traditional border dances written by various members  of the team (past and present).

Our Kit is in the black and gold colours, the old Cornish Kings colours.

The Story of Wreckers Morris

Wreckers was born in October 2000 - in a pub! Where else? Border Style Morris was chosen for its flexibility, liveleness and noise! This style comes from the Welsh/English Border Counties.  (This would seem appropriate to our location on the Cornish/English border!) With a great deal of hard work by the founders, supported by Plymouth Morris Men and Maids, Wreckers took off very quickly and had to change meeting halls three times in as many months! 

We started our first season by dancing at Black Prince Day, which is based in and around Millbrook, Kingsand and Cawsand. We then went on to have a highly successful season, picking up still more members along the way.

While dancing at The Royal Cornwall Show we were 'spotted' by the organisers of the Rhine Army Summer Show, held in Germany every summer, and were duly booked! This event dominated our second season but we still performed for many different organisations, our popularity growing and growing.

As this trend continues and the side evolves, we are learning new dances and expanding our repertoire, bringing new ideas and styles of dance into the mix.

Our lively dance style and air of fun makes us popular wherever we go.

September 2019:-

We are now into our practice seaon.  Come and join us at St Dominic Parish Hall, on Thursdays from 19.45.

Proudly sponsored by Black Tor Brewery



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